Designed by the Pritzker prize winning architect Eduardo Souto de Moura, the house  (AL 24023) carefully combines  the contemporary architecture with  the traditional vernacular  of the surrounding area.

The house consists of two volumes unified by two interior gardens. The first volume (two storeys) was built in thermal insulation concrete whilst the  lightness and transparency of second volume (one story) is characterized by the use of glass, creating a fluid continuity between the interior and exterior.

The house sleeps six,  containing three rooms, each with an en suite bathrooms plus a further bathroom.  Beyond the sleeping areas, the house contains, two living rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and two private interior gardens.

All furniture and furnishings  are originals selected by their quality and created by distinguish designers and architects including Souto de Moura and Siza Vieira.

The harmonious and cosy ambience is due to a good combination  of the creme marble and painting, combined with a careful illumination.

Crossing the second and private garden, a new steel door crosses the old stone masonry wall giving access to the outside alleyway.


The building faces north with Rua Padre Luis Cabral, and east with the Travessa do Passeio Alegre.
Originally set up with only one floor, the proposal foresees in floor 0: a common room, a kitchen, a laundry and a toilet. On the 1st floor two bedrooms and two bathrooms, thus providing the minimum living conditions and health to a building which initially had 61.5m2 of total floor area.

Building a second floor above the existing one, allows to fill the empty space existent in the street elevation, not exceeding thereby the height of ​​neighbouring buildings.
The option to open a window in Northern facade of the 1st floor, due, not only to the fact that the building has a very small width (4.70m) but also allows mimicking the surrounding areas, where the relationship wall-window is quite pronounced.
Taking advantage of the connection to Travessa do Passeio Alegre, it was created a studio that enables connection to the building through a small garden.
Constructively the building is constituted by the use of the existing outer walls, and increasing a reinforced concrete structure with reinforced concrete slabs as well. The exterior walls and gables are covered with insulation type “Wallmate” and a finishing plaster and paint. The interior walls are given a tinned plaster finishing and painting.
The 1st floor is coated with  “hard maple” wood, and the floor 0 with cream ivory marble.
The window frames facing the street, will be in painting wood, and the ones in the courtyard and studio, aluminium in natural color.

Eduardo Souto de Moura in Respect for Architecture